Choiceland Saskatchewan
Building Permits

Building Permits

These Building Permit Laws Apply to residents of the Town of Choiceland, Saskatchewan. Please consult your local Municipal website for Building Permit Requirements for your city or town.

In Summary,
A building permit is required “to erect, place, construct, alter, repair, renovate or reconstruct a building…” (ByLaw No. 2012-003)

View the Building Bylaw

Building Permits and plan documents are available at the Choiceland Town Office.

Fire Pit Permits

Pick up a permit at the Town Office. Permits are a one time application unles your pit has moved or changes have been made. Once application is made, the Fire Chief will come and inspect your fire pit. All fire pits must be inspected before proceeding to burn anything. Portable fire pits must also be inspected prior to use.

If these regulations are not followed the costs associated with your unpermitted burn will be charged.



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